Right now I’m taking an Udemy course about JavaScript algorithms and data Structures lectured by Colt Steele. I decided to take this course because I felt necessary to learn these topics if I want to write efficient code. I thought, in the beginning, it might be tough topics for me because I’m not really confident



After I completed a JavaScript tutorial for beginners which was on YouTube, I was thinking of what to do next. I knew could just add animations on my web service project, but I was more interested in creating an app from scratch with JavaScript. So I decided to create a Chrome extension that can mainly



When I make a website, I want to make elements fixed — like nav bar on the top of the page, footer on the bottom or fixed background. But I often come across an issue that position: fixed is not working. Checkpoint 1 Does parent element have position: relative or absolute? You might have specified


JavaScript, Vue.js

I am going to write how to set up a responsive infinity slider for web project with Vue.js. It’s pretty simple and straight forward — even for a Vue.js beginner like me.  The solution will be like this: See the Pen Responsive slider with Hooper (Vue.js) by miyazakimaiko (@miyazakimaiko) on CodePen. Let’s get started! Installation