ABOUT ME | maikomiyazaki


I’m Maiko Miyazaki, a web developer / WordPress developer and a barista in Dublin.

Miyazaki Maiko

I started coding in Feb 2019. That time, I was looking for something new to learn which is enjoyable, and has a common feature to my life-long hobby that is to craft bags and useful accessory by sewing. I came across programming and soon enough, I started to enjoy creating by programming like when I enjoy crafting.

Although I didn’t have any experience of working in IT previously, I was lucky enough to get a single coding job online after two months of learning HTML and CSS. And I got opportunity to get coding jobs one after another.

I focused to write readable and adjustable code for that job because one of my passion for creation is to be useful and helpful for someone whom I’m passing the product to. I feel it’s the same for coding, it would impact the quality of the product and to customer satisfaction eventually. I consider this part of my strength is also my weakness, because it has the potential to be much better.

I also work as a barista which is very important to be a team worker. At the job, I improved skills to solve problems efficiently and realized that I have a good sense of it. That’s because I always focused to be aware of what would be helpful for my colleagues and customers, so that the core of the problems would come up. This skill is now helping to find the reason of errors while I’m coding.